Benefits of WV STARS

Career Pathway participants will receive a credential that shows their Career Pathway Level. This level is based on their education (both formal and informal) as well as work experience. Having a Career Pathway Credential presents a professional image to parents and employers by showing that the individual views their position as a career and is interested in continued learning to grow in that career. Career Pathway participants also have access to their WV STARS Professional Development Record, a transcript that lists all WV STARS Registered Training taken after being approved as a Career Pathway participant. This record assists early childhood practitioners in keeping up with their training requirements and setting goals for professional development.

Not only does participation on the Career Pathway benefit providers on an individual level, but it also benefits the early care and education workforce in West Virginia. WV STARS has the capability of gathering and providing information about the education, experience, employment, and training in the early care and education field. Reports that have been provided for policy makers in the past have included reports showing the levels of education and experience of participants working in various programs across the state and information about training being offered in different regions.