WV STARS Policy Advisory Council exists to assist West Virginia Early Childhood Training Connections and Resources (WVECTCR) in maintaining the integrity of West Virginia State Training and Registry System(WV STARS). The Policy Advisory Council’s intent is to establish and update policies and procedures to improve the quality of the registry system while maintaining the original purpose-to measure and advance the professional development of early care and education professionals in West Virginia.

Council members represent a cross-section of agencies and organizations in the early childhood community in the hopes that the input depicts the diversity of the profession. Members collaborate so that individual perspective is given and one collective voice advises. Recommendations and advisement provided by council members is based on professional expertise and research.

The WV STARS Policy Advisory Council meets quarterly to discuss and make decisions about many WV STARS related topics including but not limited to: appeals filed against a decision made by WV STARS, the creation of new and revision of out-of-date policy for WV STARS, any questionable issues relating to the registry system, or improvement of WV STARS procedures. Decisions and recommendations made by the council are to be implemented by WVECTCR staff.

A WVECTCR staff member cannot make any decision that may conflict with any current WV STARS policy or not covered specifically in current WV STARS policy. All determinations that may fall into this category must be made by WV STARS Policy Advisory Council.